Saturday, September 28, 2013

Mafia Infiltrates Canada Revenue Agency

The Canadian media is vindicating Josef Rudolf with new information that the Italian Mafia has infiltrated the Canada Revenue Agency in Montreal where dirty insiders Canada Revenue Agency mailed a $381,737 cheque to Mafia don Nicolo Rizzuto.

Click here for more on Mafia infiltration of CRA

However, the racist English language media in Canada is refusing to publish equally lurid stories about organized crime infiltration of the Canada Revenue Agency in the English speaking city of Vancouver where a Freemason based organized crime group has infiltrated the Department of Justice and refuses to account for the funds looted from Josef Rudolf.

Freemasonry in Canada is an international organized criminal syndicate headquartered in London England with links to dirty upper class families who looted the farms from English peasants.  English Freemasonry it is well known in English speaking countries to be involved in judicial, legal and police corruption as a result of years of unchecked infiltration of these government agencies.

Freemasonry in Canada should not be confused with American Freemasonry which is headquartered in the United States. Freemasonry in the United States played a historic role in the American Revolution against England while Freemasonry in Canada has subverted the independence of Canada, secretly, since the country was established as a self governing dominion within the British Empire in 1867.

Canada's first Prime Minister John MacDonald was a Freemason as were Robert Borden who introduced Income Tax during World War 1, Mackenzie King who illegally re-introduced Income Tax in Canada in 1948 and Brian Mulroney who illegally introduced the widely despised GST, Goods and Services Tax in 1992. 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Is Kirat Khalsa a dishonest lawyer? The Josef Rudolf case starts to get really nasty.

A Real Khalsa Doesn't Cheat 
Josef Rudolf is having a difficult time with Canada Revenue Agency lawyer Kirat Khalsa in Canada's Federal Court because Ms. Khalsa, in our opinion, has resorted to dirty tricks.

Dirty Tricks are sneaky, often dishonest, things that lawyers do so they can win a case in an underhanded and unfair way.  It is kind of like punching below the belt in boxing, tripping and hooking in hockey, and chemical weapons in warfare.  It is illegal but, if you get away with it, then you, as a lawyer, win your case but as a human being, you sell a piece of your soul and degrade yourself.

For example, lawyers will often write you a letter and not sign it.  This way they cannot be blamed for the dishonest words on the unsigned piece of paper that often mislead the recipient.  This is one of the dirty tricks that dishonest lawyers use.

In Josef Rudolf's case, Canada Revenue Agency was required to serve "Affidavits" in response to Josef Rudolf's initiating documents. Josef Rudolf, under the rules of court, was then entitled to cross-examine the person who swore the affidavit to be true.  Cross-examination of the "deponent" of an affidavit (i.e. the persons who swears it to be true) is an important part of the judicial process to ensure so that the parties are given the opportunity of a fair hearing.

However, in Josef Rudolf's case, Kirat Khalsa, as legal counsel for Canada Revenue Agency and other Respondents in Josef Rudolf's case, did not serve "sworn" Affidavits upon Josef Rudolf.  Instead she sent him an unsworn "Affidaivt" which is not really Affidavit at all but is simply a few pages of paper with words on them that cannot be attributed to anyone. In our opinion, by using this dirty trick, Kirat Khalsa craftily denied Josef Rudolf the opportunity to cross-examine the deponent of the Affidavit and, in the result, he was denied a fair hearing of his Petition in Canada's Federal Court.

Later, when the case went to court, Kirat Khalsa used the sworn Affidavit and Judge Simon Noel  let it be used in court over the objections of Josef Rudolf.  This was unfair also.

When Josef Rudolf appealed the decision of the lower court judge to Canada's Federal Court of Appeal, he objected to the inclusion of the sworn Affidavit in the Appeal Book because, in his opinion, it was not properly before the lower court and was not served upon him in the proper way thereby denying him a fair  hearing of his Petition.

Federal Court of  Appeal judge, Eleanor Dawson, ruled that the sworn Affidavit should be in the appeal book.

So, Josef Rudolf appealed the decision of judge Eleanor Dawson based on the fact that in his opinion, the Order of Eleanor Dawson had been obtained by fraud. 

Rule 399 (2) (b) states

On motion, the Court may set aside or vary an order
  • (b) where the order was obtained by fraud.
This could get very nasty for Kirat Khalsa because, if the court finds she committed fraud, then she could, in theory, lose her licence to practise law.  We say "in theory" she could lose her licence because the professional body in British Columbia that supervises these kinds of things is the Law Society of British Columbia an organization riddled with corruption and with a notorious reputation for protecting government employed lawyers despite clear proof of their dishonesty.      

Josef Rudolf is claiming that Kirat Khalsa, (no photo available) a lawyer with Canada's Department of Justice in Vancouver, and William Pentney, (shown in photo on right) the Canadian Deputy Minister of Justice, in Ottawa, are both involved in this because William Pentney's name appears on the court documents and he establishes the legal culture in the Department of Justice.

If lawyers working for the Department of Justice cheat, use dirty tricks and get away with it, then William Pentney is not doing his job properly and he should be fired.    

Friday, February 22, 2013

Federal Court Justice Noel and Freemasonry in Canada

Justice Simon Noel Denies He Is A Freemason
Canadian Federal Court Justice Simon Noel broke new legal ground in British Columbia yesterday, when, after being qestionned by litigant Josef Rudlof, he stated "I can assure you that I am not a Freemason".

Rudolf posed the question because he alleges that a group of Freemason lawyers and judges in British Columbia conspired to loot his property in defiance of the laws of God and Canada

In other cases in the courts of British Columbia, judges have consistently refused to disclose whether or not they are Freemasons.

The question is very legitimate because under the Unlawful Societies Act, a 1799 Statute of England that remains in force in Canada, Freemasons are required to report their members and what is taking place at thei meetings to the Chief Magistrate and it is a felony offence not to comply.  Furthermore, Freemasons in British Columbia are notoriously well known as a criminal organization that rigs and fixes the outcome of law cases to benefit their brothers. 

Of course, since Justice Noel is not a Freeemason he had nothing to hide and he was willing to answer the  queston, unlike other judges who are Freemasons who will not answer because to do so would reveal their criminal network in all its perverse glory.

Canada Revenue Agency lawyer, Kirat Khalsa, presumably on instructions from members of the Freemason cabal inside the Department of Justice, argued that such questions of judges and lawyers were inappropriate.  Nonetheless, Justice Simon Noel, did the right thing and his leadership on this issue may lead to futher disclosures that will assist  to remove the Freemason cabal from Canada's legal and justice systems. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Is Canada's Income Tax law a Scam run by an International Banking cartel?

From the time he came to Canada in the 1970`s, Josef Rudolf dutifully paid Income Taxes, without questioning the process, but, in 1993, he started working as proprietor doing forestry work, such as road layout, timber cruising, development plans, etc.

Every year, he calculated his taxes and completed his income tax forms by himself until he was told that one can get better return if it is done by a certified accountant. 
However, he found that if he took the same pile of papers to different accountants he got quite different figures and when he recalculated the accountant’s work, most of the time, there were big mistakes that resulted in him paying more taxes that necessary. Obviously, something was not right. 
So, he questioned if the accountants knew what they were doing.

In 1995, Mr. Rudolf met a Canadian gentleman who explained to him that Income Tax is a scam / a fraud and that Canada Revenue Agency was a private company run by an International Banking Cartel.  He was also advised that there is no law that compels  anyone to pay income taxes. 
He was told that section 91:10 of Tax Operational Manual states “Income tax is voluntary compliance”.
He was further told that the Income Tax Act is a mess, it was newer properly enacted and that nobody understood it
It took Josef Rudolf a while to believe this explanation.  He did intensive research and questioned people who worked for Revenue Canada and asked them if income tax was unlawful and people who worked for Revenue Canada answered "yes" that it was unlawful
He also went to the Revenue Canada Agency office in Kelowna, British Columbia, and found Section 91:10 of Tax Operational Manual and it did state that income tax operated under a system of voluntary compliance. 
He then read several books about Income Tax and could not make head nor tail of at all and when he asked an older gentleman who was helping me about it he just shook his head and waved his hand.
Canada Revenue Agency approached him by letters and telephone and an employee, Mr. Mike LeBlanc, came to his home and threatened him. LeBlanc's conduct was consistent with that of other employees of Canada Revenue Agency who were almost always threatening and rude.  They never answered his questions. Agent Mike LeBlanc was very jumpy and loud and told Rudolf that if he wanted they would burn his house down.  

So, Josef Rudolf continued to ask questions directly to Canada Reveune Agency about how to properly calculate his taxes owing but the Canada Revenue Agency would not answer his questions and, in 1999, Canada Revenue Agency retaliated against him by bringing a criminal charges for failing to file a tax return after Canada Revenue Agency failed to answer some basic questions.

The case carried on for 19 months and Josef Rudolf made 23 appearances in court asking for full disclosure and information about how to calcualte the taxes owing but Canada Revenue Agency never produced the information requested and, in 2004, the charges against him were "stayed" by the local Crown Prosecutor.

Because Canada Revenue Agency employees has lied during the criminal proceedings, Josef Rudolf brought criminal charges against the liars in the Provincial Court of British Columbia but the Attorney General intervened and asked the judge to order a stay of proceedings which the judge did. Although Canada's judges are technically independent of government, in practice, they do exactly what the government wishes.

Josef Rudolf then brought the same criminal charges against the same employees of the Canada Revenue Agency in the Supreme Court of British Columbia where the judges work for a different Attorney General but, again, the Attorney General intervened and asked the judge to order a stay of proceedings which the judge did.

During the course of the hearing. Judge Takahashi said  “I read Income Tax twice and I do not understand it either”. Later, when Mr. Rudolf got a transcript of the hearing the words were changed to “I read the Income Tax Act and find it rather vague”. The changing of a court record is a common practice by judges in Canada. 

Editors note: The reader is reminded that the comments on this blog are the political opinions of the Editors or Josef Rudolf and the reader is encouraged to  obtain independent lawful legal advice.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Dirty Trick By Department of Justice Lawyer, Jason Levine.

Jason Levine shown on right 
When Canada Revenue Agency decided the Joself Rudolf was not paying  taxes, it took the appropriate measures by sending him various notices requiring him to file a tax return and when he refused to file a tax return Canada Revenue Agency assessed his income tax payable from other records it had on file.

In the case of Josef Rudolf, it was very easy for Canada Revenue Agency to assess Rudolf's gross income because Rudolf was dutifully and honestly collecting GST from his customers and remitting the required remittance forms and GST collected to the Canada Revenue Agency.  GST is a general sales tax in Canada that was deviously foisted on the Canadian public by a corrupt Conservative government that was subsequently totally wiped out in the general election by the Liberal Party that lied its way into office by promising to remove the GST.  The Liberals were elected but the tax remains proving that the real rulers of Canada are not the elected politicians but the unelected civil service who suck the life out of average citizens with blood thirsty taxation schemes that fund overly generous civil service pension schemes the nation cannot afford.
With the help an accountant, it was an easy thing for Canada Revenue Agency to calculate the personal inciome of Mr. Rudolf by using his GST Returns anmd they sentMr. Rudolf a bill for assessed taxes owing based on these calculations.  They also added a hugely inflated accounting fee of approximately $70,000.00

When Mr. Rudolf did not pay the amount assessed the Canada Revenue Agency filed what is called a Certificate of Judgement against him in the Federal Court.  A Certificate of Judgement is just like a court judgement except in this case there was not trial or hearing to determine if the bill for taxes was correct.  This is how Canada operates.  Court Orders in favour of the goverment are regularly made without any notice or a without a proper hearing.   

Jozef Rudolf believes that Canada has very good laws if not the best right from its foundations

Nonetheless, so far, Canada Revenue Agency was following their own draconian methods or Canada and treating Mr. Rudolf according to their usual oppressive procedures.

When Mr. Rudolf learned of the Certificate of Judgment in the Federal Court he immediately filed papers to object to the amount claimed but instead of permitting him to proceed with his objections, the lawyers for the Department of Justice took the Certificate of Judgment in the Federal Court and filed it with the Supreme Court of British Columbia and, according to Rudolf, Department of Justice lawyer, Jason Levine, told him that henceforth all matters must be dealt with in the Supreme Court of British Columbia. 

In the Editors opinion this was a devious trick because the lawyer, Mr. Levine, knew and Mr. Rudolf did not know, that the Supreme Court of British Columbia had no jurisdiction to stay proceedings on the Certificate of Judgment while he and Canada  Revenue Agency sorted out the truth of amount of taxes claimed while the Federal Court did have such a jurisdiction. 

So, Jason Levine, a canny, devious, government lawyer with many years at the bar, finessed Mr. Rudolf, an ignorant citizen trying to protect his rights and property in accordaince with what he believed was the law.  If that were the end of it, just aother government lawyer lying to a citizen who pays his salary, it might not be so unexpected because government lawyers in Canada have a reputation for lying cheating and other sorts of fraud. 

A Devious Plan Emerges:

However, based on subsequent events it does appear to the Editors that Jason Levine moved the case to the Supreme Court of British Columbia because he is a Freemason and he wanted to deliver Mr. Rudolf's property into the hands of the piratical Freemason cabal that operates, like a bank of thieves and highwaymen, inside the Supreme Court of British Columbia and, through devious  manipulation, the property would be seized, sold and the proceeds distributed among the members of that Freemason cabal without any regard to the law, the taxpayers of Canada or Mr. Rudolf.

The Editors make this assertion because, despite repeated requests made to Canada Revenue Agency, the court, the RCMP, and the Department of Justice, no one will provide and accounting of the funds realized from the sale of the proprety seized and, as far as anyone knows, the money has simply disappeared and cannot be accounted for leaving the Editors to conclude the money has been looted by employees, officers and agents of the Government who were involved in the process.

At this time, we do not know if Jason Levine was a party to the foregoing thievery but we can advise the reader that according to staff at the Department of Justice, Jason Levine, suddenly went on a leave of absence in Januanry 2013 and will not be returning ot his position until at least June of 2013.

There are two possibilities that immediately spring to mind:

1.  Mr. Levine has taken the leave of absence to avoid having to answer questions in reponse to Mr. Rudolf's inquiries.

2. Mr. Levine has taken the money offshore so he can effectively hide it.

We don't like to raise these suggestions of corruption about a lawyer working for the Canada's Department of Justice but, until someone provides a full accounting of the funds realized from the sale of Mr. Rudolf's property, the only reasonable inference is that someone stole the money and Jason Levine and other employees at Canada Revenue Agency are prime suspects.

Did Employees and Officers of Canada Revenue loot funds that should have been paid to the Canadian government for taxes owing?

Some people think Josef Rudolf deserved what he got from Canada Revenue Agency because he didn't pay his income taxes.

Other people think that the post war Canadian income tax system is part of a grand scheme of international larceny set up, illegally and unconstitutionally in Canada, to support the International Monetary Fund and other international bankers with their schemes of world domination that have bankrupted several countries, nearly bankrupted Canada and are on the verge of bankrupting the United States of America.  

That debate is not what this blog is about.

This blog is about injustice, the role of Freemasons in Canada's courts and the failure and refusal of employees, officers and agents of Canada Revenue Agency to account for the money they received when they allegedly sold the property they seized from Josef Rudolf to satisfy the debts he allegedly owed to Her Majesty the Queen in right of Canada for arrears of income taxes.

For several months, Josef Rudolf has been requesting the documentation, including accounting records and banking records that will show that the proceeds of the alleged sale of property held by him and seized by Canada Revenue Agency were properly credited to his alleged debt owing and deposited to a proper bank account owned and controlled by the Government of Canada but Canada Revenue Agency will not and has not produced those records and their persistent failure to do so raises the prima facie inference that the funds have been looted and mis-appropriated by officers, employees and agents of the Canada Revenue Agency.

And if they did that to money received from the sale of assets held by Joself Rudolf how much other money have they looted from other Canadians?

The issue is extremely serious and it involves the whole structure of the legal administration of the Canadian Department of Justice, in Vancouver, Canada, where a group of employees are alleged to be members of a criminal organization carrying out operations under the guise of and utilizing the secret codes, handshakes and signals of Freemasonry

This is not an anti-Freemasonry blog and it is is hoped this blog will encourage right thinking British Columbian Freemasons and other Canadian Freemason organizations to update their rules and regulations so that Freemasons are free to report the corrupt actions of their brothers and sisters who are members of the judiciary and legal profession and who commit sedition and treason when they violate their Oaths of Office, as officers of the court, and their Oaths of Allegiance to the Queen, the Canadian Head of State, as they do every time they fix law cases to benefit brother and sister Freemasons.

These suggested reforms to the Oaths of secrecy and mutual assistance of Freemasonry are long overdue.  The Oaths of Freemasonry had a justifiable purpose when the Church and the Crown were a menace to society but, to paraphrase former Canadina Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau, "The Church and Crown are not the menace they used to be",  in a modern functioning  democracy, like Canada, and Freemasonry is itself in danger of being declared an organized criminal gang that is not much different than Hell's Angels if Freemasons do not act soon to clean up the corruption in their ranks .

A key player in this dirty business is a lawyer named Jason Lavine works for the Department of Justice and who refused to disclose whether or not he was a Freemason when asked by an investigative journalist.

Jason Lavine showed up as legal counsel in 2010 and 211 to cover up for Provincial Court Judge Paul Meyers and former Canada revenue Agency Chief Collections Officer Richard Onley both of whom are accused of being Freemasons and both of whom refused to answer questions about whether or not they are Freemasons.  So, it is safe to assume both are Freemasons.  Both  Meyers and Olney were accused of fixing a trial and illegally putting Eva Sydel in jail for 12 months and if the case against them is proved they are facing 14 years in jail, possibly more, because it is a far more serious offence for a judge to wrongfully convict someone than for someone not to pay income tax. 

Levine may go to jail with them.  

Click here to read more about the case of Eva Sydel 

Recent investigations have revealed that Jason Levine is the son of two judges in Vancouver, namely, Justice Risa Levine, formerly of the Court of Appeal for British Columbia, and Justice Miriam Gropper, of the Supreme Court of British Columbia.