Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Dirty Trick By Department of Justice Lawyer, Jason Levine.

Jason Levine shown on right 
When Canada Revenue Agency decided the Joself Rudolf was not paying  taxes, it took the appropriate measures by sending him various notices requiring him to file a tax return and when he refused to file a tax return Canada Revenue Agency assessed his income tax payable from other records it had on file.

In the case of Josef Rudolf, it was very easy for Canada Revenue Agency to assess Rudolf's gross income because Rudolf was dutifully and honestly collecting GST from his customers and remitting the required remittance forms and GST collected to the Canada Revenue Agency.  GST is a general sales tax in Canada that was deviously foisted on the Canadian public by a corrupt Conservative government that was subsequently totally wiped out in the general election by the Liberal Party that lied its way into office by promising to remove the GST.  The Liberals were elected but the tax remains proving that the real rulers of Canada are not the elected politicians but the unelected civil service who suck the life out of average citizens with blood thirsty taxation schemes that fund overly generous civil service pension schemes the nation cannot afford.
With the help an accountant, it was an easy thing for Canada Revenue Agency to calculate the personal inciome of Mr. Rudolf by using his GST Returns anmd they sentMr. Rudolf a bill for assessed taxes owing based on these calculations.  They also added a hugely inflated accounting fee of approximately $70,000.00

When Mr. Rudolf did not pay the amount assessed the Canada Revenue Agency filed what is called a Certificate of Judgement against him in the Federal Court.  A Certificate of Judgement is just like a court judgement except in this case there was not trial or hearing to determine if the bill for taxes was correct.  This is how Canada operates.  Court Orders in favour of the goverment are regularly made without any notice or a without a proper hearing.   

Jozef Rudolf believes that Canada has very good laws if not the best right from its foundations

Nonetheless, so far, Canada Revenue Agency was following their own draconian methods or Canada and treating Mr. Rudolf according to their usual oppressive procedures.

When Mr. Rudolf learned of the Certificate of Judgment in the Federal Court he immediately filed papers to object to the amount claimed but instead of permitting him to proceed with his objections, the lawyers for the Department of Justice took the Certificate of Judgment in the Federal Court and filed it with the Supreme Court of British Columbia and, according to Rudolf, Department of Justice lawyer, Jason Levine, told him that henceforth all matters must be dealt with in the Supreme Court of British Columbia. 

In the Editors opinion this was a devious trick because the lawyer, Mr. Levine, knew and Mr. Rudolf did not know, that the Supreme Court of British Columbia had no jurisdiction to stay proceedings on the Certificate of Judgment while he and Canada  Revenue Agency sorted out the truth of amount of taxes claimed while the Federal Court did have such a jurisdiction. 

So, Jason Levine, a canny, devious, government lawyer with many years at the bar, finessed Mr. Rudolf, an ignorant citizen trying to protect his rights and property in accordaince with what he believed was the law.  If that were the end of it, just aother government lawyer lying to a citizen who pays his salary, it might not be so unexpected because government lawyers in Canada have a reputation for lying cheating and other sorts of fraud. 

A Devious Plan Emerges:

However, based on subsequent events it does appear to the Editors that Jason Levine moved the case to the Supreme Court of British Columbia because he is a Freemason and he wanted to deliver Mr. Rudolf's property into the hands of the piratical Freemason cabal that operates, like a bank of thieves and highwaymen, inside the Supreme Court of British Columbia and, through devious  manipulation, the property would be seized, sold and the proceeds distributed among the members of that Freemason cabal without any regard to the law, the taxpayers of Canada or Mr. Rudolf.

The Editors make this assertion because, despite repeated requests made to Canada Revenue Agency, the court, the RCMP, and the Department of Justice, no one will provide and accounting of the funds realized from the sale of the proprety seized and, as far as anyone knows, the money has simply disappeared and cannot be accounted for leaving the Editors to conclude the money has been looted by employees, officers and agents of the Government who were involved in the process.

At this time, we do not know if Jason Levine was a party to the foregoing thievery but we can advise the reader that according to staff at the Department of Justice, Jason Levine, suddenly went on a leave of absence in Januanry 2013 and will not be returning ot his position until at least June of 2013.

There are two possibilities that immediately spring to mind:

1.  Mr. Levine has taken the leave of absence to avoid having to answer questions in reponse to Mr. Rudolf's inquiries.

2. Mr. Levine has taken the money offshore so he can effectively hide it.

We don't like to raise these suggestions of corruption about a lawyer working for the Canada's Department of Justice but, until someone provides a full accounting of the funds realized from the sale of Mr. Rudolf's property, the only reasonable inference is that someone stole the money and Jason Levine and other employees at Canada Revenue Agency are prime suspects.

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