Thursday, September 24, 2015

More Evidence of Criminal Corruption Inside Vancouver Department of Justice and British Columbia Courts Vindicates Josef Rudolf

When Vancouver Department of Justice lawyer and Freemason, Jason Levine, artfully moved the questionable certificate of taxes owing that Joself Rudolf was fighting in the Federal Court over to the British Columbia Supreme Court Levine effectively denied access to justice to Josef Rudolf. contrary to the Magna Carta and many other Canadian laws.

The certificate of taxes owing is called officially called a judgment but it is not a judgment because it was not made by a judge. There was no trial.  It was simply a filing by a stupid mindless bureaucrat paid to harass taxpayers who estimated that Josef Rudolf owed some money to the government for unpaid taxes.

The problem for Josef is that he is a Catholic and the Supreme Court of British Columbia is filled with Freemasons who hate Catholics and especially a devout believing Catholic like Josef Rudolf.

Freemason Chief Justice 
The Freemason controlled Supreme Court of British Columbia took Josef's real estate, sold it at a court sale and was supposed to pay the money to the Department of Justice to be applied against Josef's so-called tax debt.  

The problem is that no matter what he does or who he asks, the Department of Justice, Canada Revenue and the British Columbia Supreme Court all refuse to show where the money went.

If the money did not go to Canada Revenue then it was stolen and the reason no one will account for it is that someone must go to jail and that someone is probably a Freemason.

As we continue to publish the role of the criminal organization known as Freemasonry on this blog and others more and more people are coming forward and telling their stories and letting us know which judges and lawyers are Freemasons and recently we received information from a third party that the CHIEF JUSTICE  of the Supreme Court Of British Columbia, Christopher Hinkson is a Freemason.

In Canada, Freemasonry is actually a criminal organization for two very important reasons

1.  Freemason members use signals, gestures, and code words and code phrases in court proceedings in order to secretly communicate with a judge for the purpose of influencing the outcome of a hearing or trial. As a result innocent people are sent to jail or fined in criminal proceedings or are deprived of equal justice in civil proceedings. British Columbia Freemasonry has a notorious reputation for such shenanigans.

2. Freemasons in Canada do not comply with the mandatory reporting provisions of the Unlawful Societies Act that was passed by the English Parliament in 1799 and that is still part of the law in Canada and can only be repealed by an Act of the Canadian Parliament as a result of the Statute of Westminster passed by the English Parliament in 1932.  The penalty for non-compliance with the Unlawful Societies Act is 7 years imprisonment.

The Unlawful Societies Act of 1799 was passed after the English ruling classes watched the debacles of losing their colonies in the successful American rebellion led by Freemasons George Washington and Benjamin Franklin and after watching the merciless slaughter of their cousins among the French ruling classes by the successful French rebellion that was also led by prominent Freemasons. 

American and French Freemasonry had a legitimate purpose in the establishment of republican forms of government in those countries. 

Canadian Freemasonry is a dangerous criminal organization.