Friday, February 22, 2013

Federal Court Justice Noel and Freemasonry in Canada

Justice Simon Noel Denies He Is A Freemason
Canadian Federal Court Justice Simon Noel broke new legal ground in British Columbia yesterday, when, after being qestionned by litigant Josef Rudlof, he stated "I can assure you that I am not a Freemason".

Rudolf posed the question because he alleges that a group of Freemason lawyers and judges in British Columbia conspired to loot his property in defiance of the laws of God and Canada

In other cases in the courts of British Columbia, judges have consistently refused to disclose whether or not they are Freemasons.

The question is very legitimate because under the Unlawful Societies Act, a 1799 Statute of England that remains in force in Canada, Freemasons are required to report their members and what is taking place at thei meetings to the Chief Magistrate and it is a felony offence not to comply.  Furthermore, Freemasons in British Columbia are notoriously well known as a criminal organization that rigs and fixes the outcome of law cases to benefit their brothers. 

Of course, since Justice Noel is not a Freeemason he had nothing to hide and he was willing to answer the  queston, unlike other judges who are Freemasons who will not answer because to do so would reveal their criminal network in all its perverse glory.

Canada Revenue Agency lawyer, Kirat Khalsa, presumably on instructions from members of the Freemason cabal inside the Department of Justice, argued that such questions of judges and lawyers were inappropriate.  Nonetheless, Justice Simon Noel, did the right thing and his leadership on this issue may lead to futher disclosures that will assist  to remove the Freemason cabal from Canada's legal and justice systems. 

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