Monday, February 18, 2013

Is Canada's Income Tax law a Scam run by an International Banking cartel?

From the time he came to Canada in the 1970`s, Josef Rudolf dutifully paid Income Taxes, without questioning the process, but, in 1993, he started working as proprietor doing forestry work, such as road layout, timber cruising, development plans, etc.

Every year, he calculated his taxes and completed his income tax forms by himself until he was told that one can get better return if it is done by a certified accountant. 
However, he found that if he took the same pile of papers to different accountants he got quite different figures and when he recalculated the accountant’s work, most of the time, there were big mistakes that resulted in him paying more taxes that necessary. Obviously, something was not right. 
So, he questioned if the accountants knew what they were doing.

In 1995, Mr. Rudolf met a Canadian gentleman who explained to him that Income Tax is a scam / a fraud and that Canada Revenue Agency was a private company run by an International Banking Cartel.  He was also advised that there is no law that compels  anyone to pay income taxes. 
He was told that section 91:10 of Tax Operational Manual states “Income tax is voluntary compliance”.
He was further told that the Income Tax Act is a mess, it was newer properly enacted and that nobody understood it
It took Josef Rudolf a while to believe this explanation.  He did intensive research and questioned people who worked for Revenue Canada and asked them if income tax was unlawful and people who worked for Revenue Canada answered "yes" that it was unlawful
He also went to the Revenue Canada Agency office in Kelowna, British Columbia, and found Section 91:10 of Tax Operational Manual and it did state that income tax operated under a system of voluntary compliance. 
He then read several books about Income Tax and could not make head nor tail of at all and when he asked an older gentleman who was helping me about it he just shook his head and waved his hand.
Canada Revenue Agency approached him by letters and telephone and an employee, Mr. Mike LeBlanc, came to his home and threatened him. LeBlanc's conduct was consistent with that of other employees of Canada Revenue Agency who were almost always threatening and rude.  They never answered his questions. Agent Mike LeBlanc was very jumpy and loud and told Rudolf that if he wanted they would burn his house down.  

So, Josef Rudolf continued to ask questions directly to Canada Reveune Agency about how to properly calculate his taxes owing but the Canada Revenue Agency would not answer his questions and, in 1999, Canada Revenue Agency retaliated against him by bringing a criminal charges for failing to file a tax return after Canada Revenue Agency failed to answer some basic questions.

The case carried on for 19 months and Josef Rudolf made 23 appearances in court asking for full disclosure and information about how to calcualte the taxes owing but Canada Revenue Agency never produced the information requested and, in 2004, the charges against him were "stayed" by the local Crown Prosecutor.

Because Canada Revenue Agency employees has lied during the criminal proceedings, Josef Rudolf brought criminal charges against the liars in the Provincial Court of British Columbia but the Attorney General intervened and asked the judge to order a stay of proceedings which the judge did. Although Canada's judges are technically independent of government, in practice, they do exactly what the government wishes.

Josef Rudolf then brought the same criminal charges against the same employees of the Canada Revenue Agency in the Supreme Court of British Columbia where the judges work for a different Attorney General but, again, the Attorney General intervened and asked the judge to order a stay of proceedings which the judge did.

During the course of the hearing. Judge Takahashi said  “I read Income Tax twice and I do not understand it either”. Later, when Mr. Rudolf got a transcript of the hearing the words were changed to “I read the Income Tax Act and find it rather vague”. The changing of a court record is a common practice by judges in Canada. 

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