Saturday, September 28, 2013

Mafia Infiltrates Canada Revenue Agency

The Canadian media is vindicating Josef Rudolf with new information that the Italian Mafia has infiltrated the Canada Revenue Agency in Montreal where dirty insiders Canada Revenue Agency mailed a $381,737 cheque to Mafia don Nicolo Rizzuto.

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However, the racist English language media in Canada is refusing to publish equally lurid stories about organized crime infiltration of the Canada Revenue Agency in the English speaking city of Vancouver where a Freemason based organized crime group has infiltrated the Department of Justice and refuses to account for the funds looted from Josef Rudolf.

Freemasonry in Canada is an international organized criminal syndicate headquartered in London England with links to dirty upper class families who looted the farms from English peasants.  English Freemasonry it is well known in English speaking countries to be involved in judicial, legal and police corruption as a result of years of unchecked infiltration of these government agencies.

Freemasonry in Canada should not be confused with American Freemasonry which is headquartered in the United States. Freemasonry in the United States played a historic role in the American Revolution against England while Freemasonry in Canada has subverted the independence of Canada, secretly, since the country was established as a self governing dominion within the British Empire in 1867.

Canada's first Prime Minister John MacDonald was a Freemason as were Robert Borden who introduced Income Tax during World War 1, Mackenzie King who illegally re-introduced Income Tax in Canada in 1948 and Brian Mulroney who illegally introduced the widely despised GST, Goods and Services Tax in 1992.